Preparation of the bathroom requires many operations, considerable costs and tens of elements which should interact with each other. So how do we organize such a project? Everything in the bathroom .Bathroom space is not cheap, and even less easy to machine. This is where you really need to combine many different elements – both the construction and installation are not overlooking the aesthetic aspect. Plan your bathroom space and preparation of materials needed to finish its work and definitely helps them faster. For starters – the project Luxury-bathroom-design-furnishing-with-old-style-furniture-toilet-and-sink


Practical-design-bathroom-furniture Oriental-style-in-the-bathroom Red-accents-in-bathroom First you need to accurately measure the room and determine what equipment we put in it. These include the sink, lavatory basin, bathtub, shower, bidet but also a washing machine, bathroom heater and water heater (if needed). Worth rozrysowac the interior of a paper cut “models” to maneuver the graduated sheet. It is also necessary to plan how to mount equipment – for example, whether the lavatory bowl to be placed on a rack, or decide on a model of standing. Later, adequate facilities


Practical-design-bathroom-furniture Oriental-style-in-the-bathroom Red-accents-in-bathroom After determining the location of all equipment shall be adequate plumbing and sewage, using the durable and safe materials. It should be remembered that in deciding on the plaster or wall-mounted fixtures should be fully prepared for such an approach shots. Similarly, the connection is in the whirlpool bath or shower panel. These installations require additional work. Modern-bathroom-design-modern-cupboards-shower-and-carpet


Practical-design-bathroom-furniture Oriental-style-in-the-bathroom Red-accents-in-bathroom Before finishing the wall surface, it is also the layout of electrical sockets, which are needed in the bathroom and connections all mounted on a permanent power tools – for example, electric water heater. Do not forget to bring the gas in the bathroom if you want to put the gas water heater. Blue-classic-bathroom-with-sink-and-toilet-with-mirror


Practical-design-bathroom-furniture Oriental-style-in-the-bathroom Red-accents-in-bathroom Decisions on electric underfloor heating must be taken before laying the floor. Heat in the bathroom floor is extremely practical and enjoyable solution – splash, dries quickly, and leave it after a bath is fun. Requires a small investment measures, and control is precise and its fast. At the end – the assembly and finishing equipment Luxury-bathroom-design-sink-and-shower-with-bathtub


Practical-design-bathroom-furniture Oriental-style-in-the-bathroom Red-accents-in-bathroom After laying the installation can proceed with installation of sanitary facilities and the preparation of walls and floors to be finished. Material of choice for finishing walls and floors are ceramic tile, less exotic wood or stone. If you choose to suspended ceiling with integrated halogen lighting in it. The corresponding frame is best done before the finish of walls, especially when the tiles are arranged on the ceiling. It remains to insert the mobile equipment, installation of additional decorative items and bath ready. http://www.muratordom.pl/

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